Heartbeets is moving.

I rather like having everything all in one place, so this blog will be moving to our new URL. Please excuse the clutter while we get situated! 

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Alice Waitlist

I’ve been asked and asked and asked and asked about Alice. So here’s the rub. The batch I made for Summer Sweeps used ingredients I bought last year that I’ve been hoarding as they are no longer available. It’s a teeny tiny batch. It’s literally 1 CUP of perfume. I know a lot of you had your heart set on this fragrance’s return, but I just don’t have enough for everyone because I tried to allot enough for multiple formats.  Here is what I’m doing:

  1. Fulfilling orders I have for Alice *now* and assessing the remainder.
  2. Creating a waitlist for the 10ml Perfume Oil only.
  3. Hosting a private sale (see below) via e-mail for the waitlisters determined by the remainder of the perfume.
  4. Reformulating the fragrance ever-so-slightly to become more main catalog friendly *crosses fingers*.

The waitlist will NOT guarantee you get a bottle of the original formula. It will just make sure you’re in the queue for one. The private sale will work something like this: I’ll go straight down the waitlist in order of when you’ve e-mailed and/or called, and e-mail everyone individually (and one at a time to avoid oversell) with a confirmation that there is a bottle available. Once I hear back from you (please respond within 48 hours), you’ll get a Paypal invoice from me and you will have a set time frame (again, 48 hours) to pay. If you don’t pay, the bottle goes to the next person on the list who does.

This will likely begin sometime middle of next week depending on how the next few days worth of shipping, and other things, goes. 

If you would like to be on the waitlist, please get in touchDo not leave a comment here for the waitlist. If we’ve had a discussion about the waitlist already, please consider yourself on it, but if you’d like to e-mail me just to make sure, feel free. There are less than 10 waitlisted at the moment, and I won’t take any more than 15! 

Phew. That was tl;dr, but that’s the scoop. 

Summer Shop Dates

Looking at my calendar for this year, my brain goes a bit boggled. When did I get so busy? Below are some upcoming atelier closures and potential TAT delays you should know about.

Custom Perfume Appointment Blackouts 

Things are so busy at the moment that until my new minion Carolyn gets here in a more full time capacity, there are some days that I need to blackout to actually get some work done! You can still swing by to sniff and shop, but I won’t be able to take any appointments. Therefore, on the following days, I will not be taking any appointments, but the atelier will be open for retail shoppers:

  • June 22-23 (Mere’s Workcation)
  • June 28-30 (Urban Craft Uprising Prep Week + Candle Making 101)
  • August 30-September 1 (Fall Sweeps shipping + Renegade Prep Week) 
  • September 7-10 (Renegade Craft Fair Chicago)

Atelier Closures 

For various reasons, the atelier will be completely closed to retail traffic on the following days. If it is starred (*), it will be closed online as well as offline.

  • July 4-8 (Summer Workcation + Urban Craft Uprising)*
  • July 20-21 (Sequim Lavender Festival)
  • August 16-18 (Summer NYIGF)*
  • September 6-10 (Renegade Craft Fair Chicago)*

Turnaround Time Delays

Around shop closures, our turnaround might shift ever-so-slightly while we get caught up from being overworked/out of town/etc. I’ll always remind you on Facebook and on the website, but please be patient! I get inundated with e-mails when this happens. You can always call me during business hours if it’s urgent. If I’m in town, and it’s business hours, I’m in the lab. But multiple emails just makes more work and creates further delays.

OK. Phew! Now I’ve got to get busy!

You’re invited: A Housewarming Party!

At long last! The new website has finally arrived – as many of you learned when you saw me post on my personal Twitter yesterday, because I just couldn’t contain myself! I’m terribly, terribly excited, and I’ll cover all the nitty gritty as how this is going to make my life easier later, but for now, I’d like to invite you to our virtual Housewarming Party!

Join us for Sweeps Week at the website and use the code “housewarming” for 10% off your order. Please note that I’m only offering samples of the Summertiming scents right now, not Vault scents, because of the limited nature of the batches. A good size to try things out though is the ever-popular solid perfume twist, and there are plenty of those available in Vault scents.

How do you enter a code, you might ask? Here’s a tip from the pro.

1. Add items to your cart.

2. Go to your cart and fill out all the information for step 1.

3. Enter “housewarming” in the “discount code” section on step 2, as shown below.

And…voila! Follow the remaining prompts and you’re set!

Other questions

1. Can I use the disconut code in the brick and mortar shop?
Right now, no. Sorry. You CAN use the code on the new website and pickup your order locally, but I’d like for it to be put to good use! Also, ordering online gives me advance warning and will help make sure your order is ready when you get here to West Seattle.

2. Are the “pick 3” sets available at the new website?
Yes! You can pick 3 fragrances in a variety of formats at the Customized Gift Set section. I wasn’t sure what to call that one, so if you have a better name, please feel free to suggest it! :)

Enjoy, my lovelies! I’m off to get coffee before the atelier opens! If you encounter any errors or bugs, please do let me know

Summertiming, and the living is easy.

I can hardly talk about what a long journey it has been to get these new fragrances finished. If you recall on Facebook, I gave myself two parameters this season: must use freesia AND must not use tea. Between me scratching my head on what to do about that, plus everything else that has been going on (wholesale, bridal, and new website work), it’s been hard-pressed to get these blended in time.

I noticed that in my last collection that I released, every single fragrance contained a tea note of some type. And while tea notes are a few of my favorite things, I do like to do something new. As for the freesia, well, freesia and I had a misunderstanding once a long time ago and have been on the outs ever since. Still are, in fact. I did not sell  myself on freesia when I composed Artemis, but at least, I hope, it isn’t just-another-freesia-fragrance. It builds character to work with materials you’re not a fan of, amiright?

That being said, we have two ladies from Greek mythology joining us this time - Artemis and Hippolyta. And we have our two Jane Austen heroines returning from previous collections – Lizie and Marianne. Here are their descriptions (which I had too much fun writing this time around):

Artemis: She is nothing if not a wild one – groves of tart blackberries and bergamot open with punches of green, and brambles of freesia and hay yield a sprightly center. Dainty angelica provides a hesperidic backdrop suitable for any provencal nymphettes.

Hippolyta: A hazy morning arises after a midsummer slumber. Illuminated lotus blossoms shimmer, dew-drenched amongst the osmanthus buds, and the lemon thicket quivers all around. Flashes of smoke, and these shadows dissolve into dawn.

Lizie: The scent of a proud and unapologetic Springtime: glistening tomato leaves on a bed of mossy earth and a bouquet of life everlasting flowers and orange blossoms.

Marianne: Romantic spices, sugared peony blossoms, and tuberose flowers from a lover; they read together in whispers, from a dust-laden tome of Shakespearean sonnets.

These four ladies + some other goodies for Sweeps Week (including Alice, Karen, Mary, and others!) will be on the new website as of Wednesday, June 6 around 12 PM. If you’re not on our newsletter, you can sign up at the old website to find out when the flip has switched and everything is live. You can also keep track of the update via Facebook.

Regarding the new website, it is The Bee’s Knees, if I do say so myself. You can preview the new URL here (on Wednesday, the old dot com will start redirecting to this one), but please note we’re still kicking the tires and making sure everything falls into place nicely. If you do find a bug (i.e. a broken link or a typo), please feel free to report it!

Interviews, Shop Interior Photos, and Other Tidbits

I know, I know, I have been a little quiet here on the blog lately. It’s not for not doing anything. I promise! Much of my time has been spent working on the website as well as a few big wedding packages that have been on my plate (I just took them to UPS this morning ~ man, that felt good!). 

But, here are a few things you might be interested in.

My Cafleurebon Profile

I can die happy. Michelyn Camen was kind enough to profile me in their popular American Perfumer series. Other luminaries in the series include Ellen Covey (Olympic Orchids), Amanda Walker (A Perfume Organic), Kim Spadaro, Carlos Huber (Arquiste), and many others – many, in fact, who I learned of because of Michelyn’s blog. So it’s really exciting to be a part of it!

Also, there’s giveaway for 4 10ml Eau de Parfums of your choice that is still going. Go comment on the profile for a chance to enter!

New Shop Photos

My lovely customer Aislinn was in town from Vancouver this weekend so I let her take a peek on Monday even though I was technically closed. She took some seriously cool photos of the shop and posted them to her blog. You can check a few out here: 


I love seeing my shop through someone else’s lens. :)

DIY Perfume Parties

Like I mentioned before, I’ve been making a lot of DIY Perfume Parties lately and shipping them all sorts of places. I finally took some nice photos of a complete one I made before I put it into a shipping box – this one is inspired by a Paris style bridal shower like the one shown on this blog. It’s really fun to customize these because it gives me something new to do every time! 

Lastly, it is so nice outside right now. I’m seriously craving the beach nearby. It may have to happen today during my break!

Enjoy your long weekend!

Summer of Love : Recent Press, Atelier Hours Update

Man, you people sure know how to keep me on my toes. Between bridal showers, working on some wholesale kits, and all the orders that came in during vacation, I have PLENTY to do. We had an amazing time in Sedona, and one of these weeks I will post some photos – but for now, there is lots of perfume to be made.

In the meantime, here’s some groovy press mentions:

Summer Atelier Hours

And, in other news, we’re changing our hours to accomodate for the later light and all the awesome after-hours things that go on over here in West Seattle. Starting next week, our hours will be:

Wed-Fri: 12-7pm
Sat: 11-6pm

New Website Coming

We are working on a brand new website that will feature all the brands we carry in the shop with a full-service, site-side checkout system. You’ll be able to log in and check your order status and view any pertinent tracking information if you create an account. AND, the most amazing part, is that as it is Shopify, it will integrate with StitchLabs, which means all orders will go into the same queue. No more missing orders in e-mail, Paypal, or anywhere else. Ahhhh, so excited. I’m hoping to have it ready by Summer Sweeps.

And with that, I’ve got to get back in the lab! See you soon.

Mother’s Day, Bridal Services, Spring Shop Vacation

{ Lavender Fields by This Is Glamorous

There are a few delivery deadlines and turnaround time updates I keep forgetting to mention. Consider this post a friendly PSA.

Shop Vacation

The atelier will be closed for our Spring Vacation from May 2 - May 6 because we’ll be in sunny Sedona, AZ for a family wedding and to Griswald our way through the Grand Canyon. I’m excited for some sun, I tell you. The Etsy shop will be closed from April 29 to May 6. Any orders placed after Monday May 23 is not guaranteed to ship before we ship out unless we’ve discussed otherwise.

Mother’s Day Deadlines

Don’t forget –- Mother’s Day is May 13! I would suggest getting an order in BEFORE we head out for Sedona to guarantee your delivery.

Bridal Services Booked through May

We are BOOKED for Bridal Services (DIY perfume bars, custom packages, etc.) THROUGH  MAY currently, but we’re happy to schedule delivery of items ordered now for June and beyond. I was not quite expecting the outpouring of interest in our newly-minted wedding services section, but have been just delighted at it all. I started this part of our business only in March of this year, and I’m literally blown away every day (in a good way!). I love helping you brides and bridesmaids execute your dream wedding, though! 

*  *  *

We’ve got some other dates in the summer regarding closures and deadlines and sweeps week, but that’s for another time. For now, enjoy your weekend!

Tru4ia Interview + BelleChic Sale

I wouldn’t say things have been *quiet* around here. Just the opposite. After this weekend’s sale, I’ve been heads down in orders and I also have quite a few DIY Perfume Bars on my plate since wedding season clearly is upon us. It’s even been busy in the shop! I think Spring has made all us Seattlites ecstatic about not being out in the rainy weather for a change.

One thing I did before the busy, though, was answer some questions about Sweet Anthem for Tru4ia magazine, a Tumblr about style and fashion, as well as hosts interviews with crafty professionals such as myself. You can read it the link. 

Also, we’re on BelleChic this week! You can get some pretty good deals on sample sets,  if you happened to miss this past weekend’s sale, for example.

I’m working on implementing an inventory system (what?!) and I think that’s actually helping me keep on top of things. (I guess you can teach old perfumers new tricks.) If you run a crafty business or you do craft shows, you should try out StitchLabs! I highly recommend it and their support staff is very helpful.

Anyway ~ back to work! More soon.

Pinterest Giveaway Winner and a Salebration

First of all, THANK YOU to everyone who made a pin board about their favorite perfumes. I have been really enjoying stalking the sweetanthem tag and watching all the submissions come in. :) Here are all the boards that were submitted officially:

They are all lovely and I highly recommend checking them out! But, there can only be three winners. The winners of the 10ml Perfume Oil of Joan are:

  • Gioa
  • Cait
  • Melissa
This new fragrance, JOAN, is a blend of beeswax, coriander, peony, tomato leaf, and white mint. With the endless Joan’s out in the world, you might wonder which sparked the inspiration?
The #1 song this week when I was born (1982…not ashamed to admit I’m 30 now!) was Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock and Roll”. How appropriate for our 5-year perfumiversary, no? If you know anything about me, you know that quite a few of my blends are covertly (and not-so-covertly) based on and inspired by music, which has been a big part of my life as long as I can remember. Joan is definitely one of my idols, and it was about time she got a fitting tribute. 
Congratulations, winners! Please e-mail me your address so I can get that bottle of Joan your way!

Also, I simply couldn’t choose a favorite. They were all too good! Anybody else who posted a Pinterest board for the contest receives a $10 gift voucher to my shop — thank you so much for playing! If I didn’t catch your pin board, please feel free to comment so I know you get a voucher. Please e-mail me to redeem!

Phew. Now, if you thought you weren’t lucky enough to get in on the deal today, don’t fret! I’ve got YOU covered too!

We’re salebrating this weekend with 30% off shop-wide: use code YOURLUCKYDAY on Etsy, and enjoy!


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