Summer of Love : Recent Press, Atelier Hours Update

Man, you people sure know how to keep me on my toes. Between bridal showers, working on some wholesale kits, and all the orders that came in during vacation, I have PLENTY to do. We had an amazing time in Sedona, and one of these weeks I will post some photos – but for now, there is lots of perfume to be made.

In the meantime, here’s some groovy press mentions:

Summer Atelier Hours

And, in other news, we’re changing our hours to accomodate for the later light and all the awesome after-hours things that go on over here in West Seattle. Starting next week, our hours will be:

Wed-Fri: 12-7pm
Sat: 11-6pm

New Website Coming

We are working on a brand new website that will feature all the brands we carry in the shop with a full-service, site-side checkout system. You’ll be able to log in and check your order status and view any pertinent tracking information if you create an account. AND, the most amazing part, is that as it is Shopify, it will integrate with StitchLabs, which means all orders will go into the same queue. No more missing orders in e-mail, Paypal, or anywhere else. Ahhhh, so excited. I’m hoping to have it ready by Summer Sweeps.

And with that, I’ve got to get back in the lab! See you soon.

Tru4ia Interview + BelleChic Sale

I wouldn’t say things have been *quiet* around here. Just the opposite. After this weekend’s sale, I’ve been heads down in orders and I also have quite a few DIY Perfume Bars on my plate since wedding season clearly is upon us. It’s even been busy in the shop! I think Spring has made all us Seattlites ecstatic about not being out in the rainy weather for a change.

One thing I did before the busy, though, was answer some questions about Sweet Anthem for Tru4ia magazine, a Tumblr about style and fashion, as well as hosts interviews with crafty professionals such as myself. You can read it the link. 

Also, we’re on BelleChic this week! You can get some pretty good deals on sample sets,  if you happened to miss this past weekend’s sale, for example.

I’m working on implementing an inventory system (what?!) and I think that’s actually helping me keep on top of things. (I guess you can teach old perfumers new tricks.) If you run a crafty business or you do craft shows, you should try out StitchLabs! I highly recommend it and their support staff is very helpful.

Anyway ~ back to work! More soon.

Sweet Anthem Review on XOJane

I woke up to the above today. Best Monday ever!

Hark! A snippet:

It doesn’t help that a) I’m a beauty editor and am lucky enough to be sent amazing perfumes to try out and b) I know what I like, so simply reading a description on a website can prompt me to drop money on something I’ve never smelled. This USUALLY works out, especially in the case of Sweet Anthem Handmade Perfumes.

Read the full review »

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Ahhh I just love the tones in this photo. I want to hug that letter press.
(by somethings hiding in here)

Ahhh I just love the tones in this photo. I want to hug that letter press.

(by somethings hiding in here)

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